Easy + Convenient Online Payments

Online Payments

Easy + Convenient Online Payments

Today’s patients want a choice of how to pay their bills. And when given a choice, the results are clear – more and more patients are choosing online payment solutions. The more flexible and convenient online payment options you provide, the easier and more likely it is for patients to pay. On the average, Apex clients realize a 350% increase in online payment adoption when presented with clear payment choices. Results begin with targeted messaging through the Apex Connect platform, which drives patients to choose more appropriate online payment solutions based on their profile. Apex offers a wide range of online payment options to fit the needs of the patient.

  • Mobile Payments
  • QR Code Payments
  • Billing Portal Payments
  • Patient Portal Payments through Single-Sign-On Integration
  • Online Payments – No Login Required


Satisfy Your Patients and Your CFO

Apex delivers a better and more tailored billing experience to your patients, which results in significant increases in patient satisfaction and online payments. Our customers see as much as 50% of all patient payments being made online – That’s 5 times the healthcare industry average! By increasing the rate of online payments made you will see dramatic results:

  • Payments are received faster
  • Savings in lockbox processing
  • Reduce call center volume & call times
  • Save time and reduce errors related to payment posting
  • Increase revenue